13 / Apr / 2017

Supervisory Board meeting

ELI Delivery Consortium, Belgium - Brussels

During the last fifteen months the ELI-DC and the ELI-Pillars have been intensively involved in activities leading to decisions necessary to prepare the ground for ELI to become an ERIC. Over the same period, the members of the ELI-Delivery Consortium have been deeply involved in negotiations at national and European levels in view of the accomplishment of the objectives set in that regard. ELITRANS supported all these activities.

At the occasion of the preparation of the mandatory mid-term report to the EC, the Supervisory Board met again on April 13th 2017, with the objective of proceeding with the final review and the approval of the Technical Mid-Term Report of ELITRANS.

The discussions about the start of the ELI-ERIC and of its ways to interact with the scientific and industrial stakeholders will continue, and will help ELI and the European laser community to achieve novel results to the benefit of the whole European Research Area, offering new perspectives in laser science and technology for the world.

23 / May / 2016

ELItrans Workshop Magurele

Magurele, Romania

The ELItrans workshops took place in Bucharest-Magurele, at the National Physics Library, in the period 23-24 May 2016. They were composed of 3 sessions, with discussions and presentations dedicated to: Gamma beams diagnostics, Hard X-Ray, XUV and Particle, and included a visit to the ELI-NP site. Six international experts have joined the ELITrans team during these workshops to present their ideas and recommendations. The workshop audience - about 35 people, including participants from all three ELI pillars - involved in activities related to the various diagnostic techniques presented during the workshop.

The Diagnostics Work Package 6 of the ELITrans project addresses the need for standard methods and protocols for the characterization of primary (laser) and secondary sources, throughout the entire ELI project.

The workshops MS.17 - “Workshop on secondary source protocols” and MS.18 - “Workshop on gamma source protocols” have been focused on gathering together the ELI community, as well as external experts in the field, to discuss and analyze the challenges of this work and more precisely the Task 2 - “First steps towards international standardization of these methods and protocols, together with the scientific communities and the industry”. These workshops followed the “Workshop on user-facility interfaces” and the “Workshop on laser diagnostics protocols” organized in 2015 in Bucharest and Prague, respectively.

19 / Oct / 2015

ELItrans Kick-off Meeting

at ELI Beamlines, Dolní Břežany, Czech Republic


The first ELItrans milestone was the ELItrans kick-off meeting on October 19th 2015, where all work package leaders and co-leaders met to discuss the project roadmap for the next 35 months. This meeting enabled the identification of synergetic structures amongst the different groups whilst working on operational costs, the scientific and technical description of the research infrastructure and the ERIC model definition.