Enabling ELI’s transformation from ERDF - funded distributed implementation towards ERIC - governed unified operation

While the implementation of the “Extreme Light Infrastructure” ELI is nearing completion in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania, its remaining challenge is to create the necessary conditions for the future operation as a single, distributed international laser user facility of pan-European dimension.


The main objectives of ELITRANS

  • Conceptual Design of the future ELI-ERIC “Business Model”: essential elements of the future ELI-ERIC organization, financing, governance and international integration.
  • Preparing ELI-ERIC’s “Business Plan”: development of concepts adapted to the operation as the world’s first international laser user facility.
  • Managing the transition from Structural Funds supported implementation towards the ERIC-funded operation: merging the three facilities into one unified internal structure, developing a corporate identity, strengthening user relations, developing the scientific profile, international visibility and leadership


During the 36 months of the project’s lifetime (September 2015 - August 2018), ELITRANS aims at supporting/complementing the activities of ELI in its transition from construction phase to initial operations.

ELITRANS shall complement the final implementation stage of the ELI research facilities located in Romania, Hungary and the Czech Republic by preparing and undertaking the necessary preparatory actions towards operations under the aegis of a single integrated organization, the ELI-ERIC. ELITRANS’ project activities involve the support of all ELI members at the management and the technical levels.

An amended version of the grant agreement taking stock of the experience during the first half of the project and of a faster-than-expected progress towards the establishment of the ERIC was approved in September 2017 by the European Commission. This amendment has consisted mainly in a streamlining of the work packages to allow a better integration of the work and improved workflow from strategic decisions to their implementation within the project as well as a more efficient use of the internal resources available for ELITRANS.

ELItrans Budget

ELItrans has been allocated by the European Commission a total budget of 3,4 million EUR.