21 / Jun / 2018

ELITRANS Wrap-up Meeting

Bucharest, Romania

This meeting aimed to present and discuss the main achievements and outcomes of the project.

17 / May / 2018

WP3 workshop held in Magurele

Magurele, Romania

A workshop of the Work Package "Virtual Administration, Data and Computing" (WP3) of ELITRANS was held at ELI-NP on 17-18 May 2018. The event was attended by participants from the three ELI Facilities, EGI, EUDAT (KIT) and PRACE. The main aim of the meeting was to discuss ELI-ERIC's future data management services and strategy (deliverables 03.06 and 03.07 of the project), but also to exchange on immediate initiatives to establish stronger links between the IT services of the ELI Facilities.

 The participants discussed in particular the future data storage and computing requirements of each ELI facility at local level and the possibility to use the capabilities of e-infrastructures (PRACE, EGI, EUDAT) or of the other ELI facilities to address peak situations where local capacity is exceeded. In this context, the working group suggested in particular that agreements between the future ELI-ERIC and e-infrastructures be sought to get preferential conditions.

As ELITRANS is nearing its completion, the group agreed on the necessity to pursue the efforts in view of the transition to integration operations of ELI.

28 / Mar / 2018

OPEX Working Group meeting

Prague, Czech Republic

The working group on the operational costs of ELI-ERIC (OPEX working group) met in Prague for a two-day meeting end of March.

This working group, which involves representatives of the three ELI Facilities and of the ELI-DC management, is in charge of estimating the future costs of ELI’s operations. The meeting follows an extensive cost review performed by an expert panel in December 2017 and January 2018. The main objective of the working group was therefore the review the recommendations of the panel in view of completing the costing exercise initiated in 2017. This work is directly connected to the negotiations on the future contribution model of and sustainability plan for ELI-ERIC.

20 / Mar / 2018

Expert Panel Meeting of WP7

Magurele, Romania

The Expert Panel Meeting held at the ELI Nuclear Physics facility was the third of a series of meetings with experts on safety issues to be organized as part of deliverable WP7 (Task T7.3).

The panel involved external safety experts coming from accelerator and laser facilities worldwide. In order to perform a full analysis of the local safety system status and implementation, their main mission was to review and identify the safety-related issues that may arise during facility safety system implementation and advise WP7 members  and the local safety team in order to achieve a high-quality safety system, which is one of the objectives of the project.

15 / Feb / 2018

Executive Board meeting in Munich

Munich, Germany

The 3rd meeting of the ELITRANS Executive Board took place in Munich on February 15th, 2018. As one of the governing bodies of the project, the Executive Board meets regularly and comprises representatives of the Work Packages and the Coordination team.  

During the meeting, the Work Package representatives presented the latest results and foreseen activities until the end of the project end of August 2018. The meeting was the first reunion of the key stakeholders of the project after the restructuring of the project that took place in October 2017 with the amendment of the ELITRANS Grant Agreement. The Coordinator took that opportunity to present and discuss the latest developments in the negotiations on the establishment of the ELI-ERIC and on the strategic orientations regarding the future operations and integrated organisation. Another objective of the meeting to evaluate the effectiveness of the measures implemented in the amended Grant Agreement and to have an exchange with the team on their recommendations of follow-up activities beyond the end of the project.