18 Feb 2019

ELITRANS workshop ended successfully in ELI Beamlines

A workshop on the "standardization of diagnostics and metrology protocols" was held at ELI Beamlines (Dolní Břežany) on 14-15 February 2019 as a conclusion to the activities of Work Package 4 of ELITRANS dedicated to diagnostics.

The workshop involved over 20 experts from major international high-peak-power laser facilities and from the photonics industry who joined representatives of the ELI facilities to exchange on the main findings of the working group and discuss follow-up activities that could be considered in the area of diagnostics and metrology in coordination with a larger community of facilities and users.

The experts agreed on the need for initiatives supporting the definition of protocols widely accepted at community level. The participants underlined the leading role ELI should have in the future initiating and coordinating such activities.

You can download a detailed report on the workshop here.

Group photo of the participants of the workshop