Organization: Executive Board

The Executive Board is the body responsible of the execution of the decisions taken by the Supervisory Board and implementation in the three sites in a coordinated and integrated manner. The Executive Board is accountable to the Supervisory Board.

Composition: General Director of ELI-DC AISBL and WP COORDINATORS.

The Executive Board:

  • Monitors the project performance of ELItrans WPs and ensures that it operates and evolves in accordance with the direction set by the Supervisory Board. It should be done through reception of requested regular monthly updates of the progress and meeting of milestones and deliverables
  • Ensures smooth flow information from ELItrans and European Commission and regularly administers the EC financial contribution and project budget
  • Follows up on updates of EU rules and procedures,
  • Defines and implements processes for a timely provision of all necessary information and materials to facilitate decision-making process
  • Draft and validate of the periodic activity reports and annual report
  • Draft and validate of the periodic and annual budget and control of financial statements submitted by the ELItrans partners
  • Follows up on EC payments and guarantee the timely distribution among partners
  • Establishes and maintains a dedicated website for ELItrans internal communication