Work Packages: WP 2 - Organisation and Interactions

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Preparing the ELI-ERIC statutes and “Business Model”


  1. Develop, evaluate and compare a comprehensive set of scenarios and models for the legal basis (statutes) and operational concepts for a future ELI international organization, to be created following the ERIC Community Legal Framework. The Work Package deliverables will serve as the main basis and include the start of negotiations towards the establishment of the future ELI-ERIC, to be conducted by the ELI-DC International Association with prospective Consortium members.
  1. Develop the essential elements of the future Access policy of the ELI-ERIC along the recommendations of the EC Charter, with additional specific considerations regarding:
  • Facilitating the Users' access to the various host sites of ELI-ERIC with their individual scientific profiles
  • Guiding the Users in the selection of the scientifically most appropriate and technically relevant host facility for the specific needs expressed
  • Offering state-of-the-art and sustainable access to the collected experimental data
  • Harmonize ELI’s general access rules with the specific requirements for each host site of ELI-ERIC.
  1. Develop – on the basis of existing relevant examples – methods and protocols for the identification, approval procedures, conditions, and development strategies of ELI Regional Partner Facilities (ELI-RPF).
  1. Design ELI’s future management system and virtual management environment:
  • Identify the appropriate management and administration structure and processes of ELI
  • Identify, in interaction with Work Package 3 ICT: Virtual Administration, Data and Computing, the standardized soft- and hardware tools necessary to support and implement this structure across the ELI facilities
  • Identify the support elements needed by ELI researchers and users (in relationship with the Access policy and access measures) to perform their research, interact with other researchers and to make efficient use of the resources and technical infrastructures available locally, ELI-wide, and internationally
  • Identify, in interaction with Work Package 3 ICT, the standardized soft- and hardware tools necessary to implement this research environment across the three ELI facilities
  • Identify IT support for tracking the sample handling, considering safety levels of the experiments (in interaction with Work Package 7 EHS (Environmental, Health and Safety) & Radiation Safety).
  1. Develop and implement staff training activities and associated actions towards the development of a common ELI corporate identity. regarding internal communication, internal and external publicity, introduction and implementation of unified corporate governance policies etc. to ensure that the transition from the implementation phase, managed through separate grant agreements by each of the ELI Pillars, to the ELI-ERIC proceeds smoothly and successfully, to enhance ELI’s global competitiveness and, hence, make ELI-ERIC an attractive object for funding through its sponsors.
  1. Develop, publicise and present to the international user community ELI’s joint scientific portfolio of user research opportunities, part of its “business plan” as an international user facility, and as a consequence of the integration of the three infrastructures.