Work Packages: WP 3 - ACCESS

Quick Access

Development of the ELI-ERIC access policy.

According to the current EC Charter on Access to Research Infrastructures, the Access policy of a Research Infrastructure should define the Access in terms of Access units, state the specific Access mode, clarify the conditions for Access, describe the processes and interactions involved in the Access, and elaborate on the support measures facilitating the Access.

The objective of this Work Package is to develop essential elements of a tailored Access policy for ELI-ERIC along the recommendations of the EC Charter with additional specific considerations regarding:
  • Facilitating the Users' access to the various host sites of ELI-ERIC with their individual scientific profiles
  • Guiding the Users in the selection to the scientifically most appropriate and technically relevant host facility for the specific needs expressed
  • Offering state-of-the-art and sustainable access to the collected experimental data
  • Harmonize ELI’s general access rules with the specific requirements for each host site of ELI-ERIC