Work Packages: WP 3 - Virtual Administration, Data and Computing

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Development of the ELI-ERIC access policy


The objective of this Work Package is to develop, starting from the Virtual Research and Management Environment (VRME) design carried out by Work Package 2, an implementation plan for the common IT platform across the three facilities on which to implement the above standardized soft- and hardware tools for both research and administration.

Moreover, the Work Package also pursues the identification of concepts and solutions for an ELI-wide common data management solution in collaboration with the expertise of the participating e-Infrastructure partners, namely:

  • Common concepts for (large-volume) experimental data acquisition to enable the harmonized and sustainable operation of ELI pillars on the long-term.
  • Common data management concepts that ensure secure data collection and data transport among ELI data repositories and to the e-Infrastructure partners.
  • Concepts and plans for the ELI-wide data management service layer that integrates e-Infrastructure big data and HPC services and enables efficient experimental data processing, numerical simulation, data curation.

This Work Package requires close collaboration with experts from the areas of administration/management, research/facility operation, and IT (Business Functions, Business processes, Logical models, and requirements).