Work Packages: WP 4 - Diagnostics

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Development of standards for beam diagnostics and user/facility interfaces


Part A of the Work Package will focus on:
  • The identification of a comprehensive set of the most relevant parameters for the laser sources provided by ELI-ERIC
  • The identification of the beam diagnostic devices and methods for these parameters, particularly at (but not restricted to) the facility-user interface
  • The development of common devices, methods and protocols to be used at all ELI pillars as part of a common operation and user access policy
  • The synchronization and the coordination of ongoing and future R&D in these areas,
  • The foresight and the upgrade strategies for laser, gamma beam and secondary source developments

Part B will focus on the cooperation with international bodies (such as ICUIL, LASERLAB-EUROPE, Photonics21 etc.), emerging national research infrastructures (APOLLON, CLPU, HiLASE), and industry, to initiate standardization in this field at the international level for the set of relevant parameters identified in Part A.