Work Packages: WP 4 - PARTNERS

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Developing protocols for identification, approval and development of ELI Regional Partner Facilities

The objective of this Work Package is to develop, on the basis of realistic examples, methods and protocols for the identification, approval procedures, conditions, and development strategies of ELI Regional Partner Facilities (ELI-RPF).
 It is not the objective of this Work Package, nor does it have a mandate, to actually appoint RPFs. The tools developed here will eventually become part of the ELI-ERIC Statutes and will be used by ELI-ERIC to select, appoint and develop ELI-RPFs according to the protocols suggested here, while following strategic considerations to be set by ELI-ERIC. The long-term strategic goal may be to build a pan-European eco-system of “ELI-RPFs” which together provide a broader portfolio of user research opportunities (particularly including some highly specialized research offers) than ELI, on its own could provide.